on Apr 30, 2019

When Brochah Skulnick teaches her classes, she doesn’t hesitate to share funny stories from her own

relationships—”we are all working on our marriages!” she says. Her goal in teaching Taharas

Hamishpacha and shalom bayis is to remind women about the beauty of that relationship and the laws

that pertain to it. With her relaxed and relatable teaching style, she encourages women to share and to

laugh as they delve into what brings harmony into the home and how to further develop existing


Brochah trained with the Mikveh of Baltimore and for the past 12 years has been teaching kallahs, giving

Taharas Hamishpacha refresher courses, practicing as a dating and marriage coach and running support

groups for young mothers.

A wife and mother, Brochah lives with her family in Passaic, NJ.