Bio Mrs. Nalini Ibragimov

on Apr 30, 2019


Nalini Ibragimov attended Barnard College and Moreshet Institute and studied Jewish history in Touro’s

master’s program. She lived in Israel for four years where she taught at Michlelet NCSY and in Tikvah

Seminary. She also ran monthly yemei iyun for Michlelet Esther. For the following five years, she and her

husband worked at Brooklyn College for JLIC, a joint program of the OU and Hillel, where she taught and

ran various programs for Jewish students on campus.

Today, Nalini is the Educational Director of Souled, a community of young, professional women who

seek to deepen their knowledge and connection to Judaism. She also teaches in Ateres Naava Seminary

in Brooklyn. She is extremely passionate about teaching Taharas Hamishpacha and has infused a deep

appreciation for shalom bayis to the hundreds of brides she has taught.

Nalini resides in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and six children, bli ayin hora.